Tuesday, 16 August 2011


the titles a little dramatic maybe and so not to alarm, the kids are fine ;) in fact they're great having had a week in gorgeous cornwall. much boogie boarding as well as chilling........ the perfect holiday :)

the neglect is this blog. having promised myself and you lovely followers I'd post regular updates I'm ashamed to say I've failed ~ miserably. all i can say is sorry. could this be the beginning of regular posts? the only promise i can give is that I'll try ;)

I'll keep it short (ish) and only ramble on about the latest designs I've been working hard on this year. photography's been the bane of my business (ditto some of you might say) so i asked my friends son to offer tips as hes damn good. well the short version is, after his constant chuckles at my incompetence (he'd never tell me that, but twas funny) i suggested he take my homemade light box (still in its purest form ;) and have himself a little project. the outcome was brilliant! not only did i have some beautiful shots of some new pieces, but his mum 'kidnapped' my box of trinkets to show her friends at work (oh the liberty ;) so the upshot is i came back from cornwall to find the box on the table with a dosh filled brown envelope AND new likers to my facebook page! i must be doing something right :)


Friday, 26 November 2010

a little contradictory

i'm not a fan of entering shops early november, only to feel bombarded with tinsel, giant ceiling baubles and red shop banners with the words FESTIVE SEASON boldly placed between white snowflakes. humbug? maybe, but early november? come on!

on ..... the other......hand...... i HAVE made some christmas decorations and put them in my shop just so i can give them plenty of coverage. so you see, i'm as bad the shops in the high street! BUT in my defense, i'm not dressed in a home made tinsel hat with reindeer antlers and christmas tree earrings ;) lol

although, if these dont sell soon, i might just be embarrassing my kids with these sparkly decorations hanging from each ear come turkey time:)

while your there............ what do you think of these?

the wall hanging has been popular, but the fridge magnet was inspired by a pendant I'd made several years ago and thought t'would look pretty holding up the many hospital appointments and school notices fighting for space on the poor old fridge. (a calender is not enough in this house ;)

Monday, 22 November 2010


we'd planned to go the lullingstone for a leisurely walk in the woods. armed with wellies, raincoats and umbrellas we met our friends in the car park and while the children squealed with excitement we began up the hill, heading for the trees.

it was muddy, wet and cold but this just added to the fun as our wellies squelched following the path through the wood. we had a lovely time, and being in the countryside strengthened my longing to move out of london.............. 

my children and i absolutely love cornwall, and were fortunate enough to spend most of our summer there this year. we love the sea, beaches, views, calmness and pace of life as well as almost everywhere we drove there were fields, hills, coastline surrounding self sufficient villages; some so pretty they'd be photographed for postcards. 

here in london we have noise, buildings, traffic.............. one hour to drive 2 miles back from maddys  dance class specifically for special needs. 20 minutes to drive 1 mile saturday mornings to charlton training ground for their Upbeats group coaching children with down's. neither drive is pretty. suppressing grey buildings, crowds of mostly miserable people, trudging from shop to car, going about their business not noticing anyone else for fear of having to acknowledge them or worst still, smile :o

so thats my dilemma. do i go for it and move somewhere we love, for the scenery, fresh air, a more remote, slower, friendlier way of life, or do i stay in london with what we know, our friends, the near by groups designed for disabled children/adults, the opportunities for children, teenagers, single mums even!  i stress this is my view of london, and fully appreciate its different for others; and while there are some facilities and groups for teenagers and disabled children in cornwall, because of its population  theyre a lot fewer and more widespread. another factor is i'd be moving the 3 of us on my own - no partner for support. i spose the question is, do i see it as an adventure to go for as you only live once, or a just an idyllic dream that could potentially reduce my childrens opportunities in life? the funny thing is, i know what i'd say to others who have this question................!

Friday, 12 November 2010

the other day i met a soldier. i've never met a soldier before, and I'm so glad i did. it was my cousins party and i got chatting to a man laughing with the kids singing karaoke. we later got talking outside where it was cooler and less crowded and i asked the usual question 'what do you do?'
i felt an overwhelming concern for this man, and i wont deny, intrigue.  concern for him, imagining the things, terrible, horrific things he must have seen and endured whilst 'just doing his job' as he put it. understandably theres aspects of his profession he never talks about, even to his wife.

like i said, i'm so glad i met this man. not only did he seem a loving husband and father (lovely wife too!), but it brought it home to me the harsh reality, an imagined snippet of what soldiers must face. it is quite sad that often its hard to begin to comprehend what an individual persons life involves, until you meet someone in that position; although i'm always aware of this fact, having occasionally faced ignorance, even ridicule being a mother of a child with a disability. quite often, its not until you meet someone, talk to them, that you gain some understanding about that person and their life.  i'm forever the pacifist, but also very grateful to all the men and woman who have fought and carrying on fighting, so we, and our children have freedom.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

what a clever puss!

a fellow folksier sent her beautiful handmade tutu to a photographer for a photo shoot.  initially i believe, for a little girl to wear, but this is the result and i think you'll agree its just stunning!  you can follow this clever lady who inspired the photographer with her gorgeous creation here http://eccentricella.blogspot.com/    be sure to look out for even more imaginative shots of her lovely stuff!

Monday, 8 November 2010

just as i went to upload some new designs

i discovered my little minx had been using my camera!!

quite funny really. NOW i know what to get her this christmas ;)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ring the changes

yeah, yeah, rings again.................. but i cant put the triblet down! latest design is quite Bohemian and bold (just what i love) and is very very shiny ;) copious amounts of polishing involved after hand forging, to get that beautiful silvery glisten. it wasnt so bad, as i managed to see a bit of 'green wing' on channel 4 catch up. pretty mad cap............. love it!
sound like a telly addict, which couldnt be further from the truth - because i have to work around my little 'erberts, i'm often working late into the night and subsequently miss anything worth watching. last night was a bit different, some distant neighbours decided to to brighten the sky early........... and on a monday night, at half past eight. although my youngest is pretty deaf, any loud noise can be quite frightening and even painful. well i wasnt impressed, and ok, maybe i was being a bit humbug-esque, as i've been up several nights with her now, and we're both very tired to say the least, so i did a 'fish wife' impression, went out into the road and shouted 'ITS MONDAY NIGHT, SHUT UP!' i know, very big, very clever, but while part of me was a little ashamed, another part was a little pleased ;)
bring on the weekend....................... BRING ON THE FIREWORKS!