Tuesday, 1 April 2008

tuesday 1st april. I'm no april fool!!

no, not today, as i've just made a necklace that i created in my mind a week or so ago, jotted down on paper, but the picture in my head was obviously in more detail. its quite hard when you get inspiration and you have an image of what you want to create and then makeing it happen! i must be honest though, i'm really pleased with this one, mainly cos it turned out to be just how i imagined (which doesnt always happen, believe me!). i've also been dabbling with photographing an image for some new business cards and postcards. heres a couple of examples, plus my much loved new creation........................

the pendant is made from thick silver plated wire, shaped and hammered, with finer wire tightly coiled round while carfully adding turquoise glass beads to take the shape of the circle.
right, back to creating while the juices are flowing................!

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