Tuesday, 16 August 2011


the titles a little dramatic maybe and so not to alarm, the kids are fine ;) in fact they're great having had a week in gorgeous cornwall. much boogie boarding as well as chilling........ the perfect holiday :)

the neglect is this blog. having promised myself and you lovely followers I'd post regular updates I'm ashamed to say I've failed ~ miserably. all i can say is sorry. could this be the beginning of regular posts? the only promise i can give is that I'll try ;)

I'll keep it short (ish) and only ramble on about the latest designs I've been working hard on this year. photography's been the bane of my business (ditto some of you might say) so i asked my friends son to offer tips as hes damn good. well the short version is, after his constant chuckles at my incompetence (he'd never tell me that, but twas funny) i suggested he take my homemade light box (still in its purest form ;) and have himself a little project. the outcome was brilliant! not only did i have some beautiful shots of some new pieces, but his mum 'kidnapped' my box of trinkets to show her friends at work (oh the liberty ;) so the upshot is i came back from cornwall to find the box on the table with a dosh filled brown envelope AND new likers to my facebook page! i must be doing something right :)


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AngelsandDiamonds said...

Hehe.. phew that the kids are fine lol.
your pics are looking great, its so hard to get decent pics, even with the right tools :) well done x