Tuesday, 25 March 2008


crikey i find it hard to navigate round a site! much better at navigation in a vehicle, and i'm a woman!! haha

well today (inbetween my day job and being a mum) i've mostly been researching and planning for my jewellery designs 'enterprise'. i use the term 'enterprise' quite loosely you understand as its pretty much at the early stages (although i've had even more interest from aquaitances and 3 jewellery parties coming up!) think i'll throw in another picture here just to give the feel of what i'm about. its all very well me waffling on about my plans and progression, but if anyone actually reads any of this its not gonna make much sense without some visual back up! this is a leather choker with silver wire roughly coiled.

if i'm honest, i've also been feeling a bit guilty at not taking the kids out over easter. they had a great birthday party at the beginning (played some brilliant games that i got off the net and adapted) but the rest was mainly me doing my 'jewellery stuff' with a bit of vegging out in front of the box with some home made popcorn! at least we have plans for the end of term which includes some wild animal spotting; thats 'looking for', not changing their appearance with daubs of paint!! (*must remember camera!*)

this picture is one of my favourite places in the south east. in my opinion, the best beach in kent!(and its location is a secret as its not well known so i'm keeping it under my sunhat!)


Classy Cards said...

Good luck with the blog.
I've just started one too, so look forward to reading more soon.

Focus on Life said...

Congrats on your new blog, it looks lovely and sounds like it'll be very entertaining, I'll try to pop in again whenever I can! Take care x