Monday, 22 November 2010


we'd planned to go the lullingstone for a leisurely walk in the woods. armed with wellies, raincoats and umbrellas we met our friends in the car park and while the children squealed with excitement we began up the hill, heading for the trees.

it was muddy, wet and cold but this just added to the fun as our wellies squelched following the path through the wood. we had a lovely time, and being in the countryside strengthened my longing to move out of london.............. 

my children and i absolutely love cornwall, and were fortunate enough to spend most of our summer there this year. we love the sea, beaches, views, calmness and pace of life as well as almost everywhere we drove there were fields, hills, coastline surrounding self sufficient villages; some so pretty they'd be photographed for postcards. 

here in london we have noise, buildings, traffic.............. one hour to drive 2 miles back from maddys  dance class specifically for special needs. 20 minutes to drive 1 mile saturday mornings to charlton training ground for their Upbeats group coaching children with down's. neither drive is pretty. suppressing grey buildings, crowds of mostly miserable people, trudging from shop to car, going about their business not noticing anyone else for fear of having to acknowledge them or worst still, smile :o

so thats my dilemma. do i go for it and move somewhere we love, for the scenery, fresh air, a more remote, slower, friendlier way of life, or do i stay in london with what we know, our friends, the near by groups designed for disabled children/adults, the opportunities for children, teenagers, single mums even!  i stress this is my view of london, and fully appreciate its different for others; and while there are some facilities and groups for teenagers and disabled children in cornwall, because of its population  theyre a lot fewer and more widespread. another factor is i'd be moving the 3 of us on my own - no partner for support. i spose the question is, do i see it as an adventure to go for as you only live once, or a just an idyllic dream that could potentially reduce my childrens opportunities in life? the funny thing is, i know what i'd say to others who have this question................!

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Carrie said...

Ooh, the dilemma....we have been in that position before having to choose the life we know or the life we dream isn't an easy decision to make....if fact we still discuss it often and haven't quite reached consensus yet. Thanks for popping past my blog and for leaving a lovely comment xxx