Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ring the changes

yeah, yeah, rings again.................. but i cant put the triblet down! latest design is quite Bohemian and bold (just what i love) and is very very shiny ;) copious amounts of polishing involved after hand forging, to get that beautiful silvery glisten. it wasnt so bad, as i managed to see a bit of 'green wing' on channel 4 catch up. pretty mad cap............. love it!
sound like a telly addict, which couldnt be further from the truth - because i have to work around my little 'erberts, i'm often working late into the night and subsequently miss anything worth watching. last night was a bit different, some distant neighbours decided to to brighten the sky early........... and on a monday night, at half past eight. although my youngest is pretty deaf, any loud noise can be quite frightening and even painful. well i wasnt impressed, and ok, maybe i was being a bit humbug-esque, as i've been up several nights with her now, and we're both very tired to say the least, so i did a 'fish wife' impression, went out into the road and shouted 'ITS MONDAY NIGHT, SHUT UP!' i know, very big, very clever, but while part of me was a little ashamed, another part was a little pleased ;)
bring on the weekend....................... BRING ON THE FIREWORKS!

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