Friday, 29 October 2010

rings and things

well actually, its just rings but then, whats in a title?? today i have listed some of my rings on folksy and facebook (no easy task for a technophobe ;) and want to shout about them here too as i'm really pleased with them (and the pics arent too bad thanks to my newest investment!)
i'd wanted a ring triblet for ages, but they're quite pricey, so was only selling rings to people at my jewellery partys as they could be tried on there and then, or i offered my special piece of equipment for sizing an order - string! but i wanted to put some rings in my folksy shop, so i decided a 'speculate to accumilate' policy was the answer. a week after ordering, i was told the item was out of stock, but the company would send me my other bits. hey ho i thought, and just looked forward to my silver clay arriving. well this was weeks ago, and i've used all the silver clay (designs coming soon to folksy and fb!) and had almost forgotton about it until the doorbell rang. the postman handed me a cardboard tube and boy was it weighty! at first i was puzzled, and to be honest, sceptical lol giving the poor postmen a quizzical look. (only now do i wonder if he thought i was pretending not to know the contents of this LONG TUBE parcel which could easily have come from an adult website!) of course, that excitement you get when your long awaited materials arrive at the door is so thrilling and this parcel was no exception. stuff the housework, stuff the phone calls, stuff the washing..................... i was off to create!

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