Monday, 25 October 2010

to say its been a while...............

............. is a slight understatement. but my new year resolution (ooops, is it october already?) is to keep writing photographing and talking with you lovely people ;)

most of my time is taken with with work (urbanfairy) and family, and unfortunately the blogging side of work has taken a back seat (in the mini bus of everyday life). but me and the kids DID have a fabulous summer in cornwall, with late night fires on the beach and adventurous walks discovering new and beautiful places.

fantastic fun and amazing memories. much love and thanks to our friends who live in a stunning part of the country ;)

i also took my children to the cornbury music festival in oxford. cornburys a brilliant family festival we've camped at for tw0 years running now and intend on going every year possible, wherever we end up living! heres our 'festival feet' on monday morning. boy oh boy were we ready for a bath!

this is my youngest who has downs syndrome. she loves music, and is most definitely an out and out festival chick lol

but now i have to knuckle down and get back to creating new designs. some of my latest ones i've added to my folksy page but heres a few i'm saving for customer visits this week :-

left is a simple pair of little earrings with amozonite stone rondells, and right are twists of sterling silver with pale jade. i love these colours, their so pretty, and thats coming from a tomboy!

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