Monday, 9 March 2009

long time gone..................................

well, i'll admit its been a while. and whats been happening? i think the pressure of relocating got the better of me as it all started to go pretty much pear shaped. to cut a long story short, it didnt happen. part annoyance and part relief if i'm honest. our much loved camper van (a classic vw) was stolen and this just added to the stress of the move which was going from bad to worse!! our beautiful (if tatty) van was our daily runner, which caused several obvious problems especailly as my youngest has disabilities. i can also confirm that my dislike for estate agents still exists (probably no surprise to most!!) BUT, on a GOOD note, i have been creating profusely, and from my little rabbit hutch in greenwich (which i still love, just wish i had the cash to 'up date' it) i have thrown myself into my business venture, which is now taking a very positive shape. not all bad then eh? hahaha am i still going to relocate? well the answer is simple.............................. i dont know!! i've decided to put any plans of this nature on indefinate hold and this in turn has given me a 'lift'. hadnt really realised to what extent the move thing had had such a negative effect on our lives till i'd finally taken charge of the spiralling situation and said STOP to everyone and everything involved. cripes, it felt good to be in control again!!

so now its on with the creating and making the most of our beloved home.................................. for now ;) my eldest is in her first year of secondary and 'at that age', my youngest has just had an MRI scan at great ormand street investigating one aspect of her disability - hearing (or rather, lack of it!). so think we have enough keep us busy at this present time. gotta just mention, my littlie was an absolute STAR at the hospital. i'd prepared her with making a book of the procedure, and practicing with an oxygen mask as well as role playing with her favourite raggy dolls. this coupled with the fact the anaethestist was soooooo patient and lovely (actually, he was 'pretty lovley' hahaha) it couldnt have gone smoother, and think i've even managed to turn around her absolute hate of hospitals! i DO believe in miracles!!

and so............. on to the jewellery!! i have created a group on facebook (Urbanfairy jewellery design) for members to view pictures of my creations aswell as post comments or an interest in any of my pieces. this has been great, as its not only enabled my stuff to be further 'out there' but has also increased sales; 5 items in the first week! wow! what a boost for confidence and motivation. something i'm sure we all need from time to time ;)

i'd like to add a big thank you to manamoon for her lovley message at christmas time, and.................. just general kindness really! not just a talented lady, but a lovely one too x

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you back and your work is just fabulous! Welcome back, you've been missed!♥