Monday, 6 October 2008

taking home made banners to a new level (probably a lower level then ever taken before!!)

i'm amazed. somehow, amongst all the up side downness of my life at the moment, i've been creating ??? how can this be? obviously, theres some creativity coming out of all this emotional turmoil. must be a subconscious thing, without realising it, i'm immersed in my jewellery work, which in turn stops me from thinking about the upheaval thats surrounding me.

silver wire worked bracelet with semi precious jade, accented with forest coloured seed beads

tried putting 'pink for october' stamp on my blog to help promote the awarness of breast cancer. hmmmmm, technology and me really are poles apart!! so for now, i'm writing in pink! i have a friend who has breast cancer. to say she is full of life sounds a cliche............................but she is, she really is! promoting this, supporting that, helping anyone and everyone and always with a smile and most of all laughing. she's also a mum, and a bloody good one. best i shut up about my situation now eh. *zip*

hang on! i've got an idea................................................................................ what do you think of my banner??? ok, bit primitive, but hey, needs must. (think the kids need some new felt tips!)

jade and jasper earrings. i tend to make my own earwires now as i think they look so much more individual to the piece. i just luuurve the colour of the jade.


manamoon said...

Oh it's no surprise that you've been a creative whiz lately Annie, it's a wonderful way to take us away from our worries. :D The bracelet and earrings are so beautiful - love those handmade ear wires!

Ok, so I happen to LOVE your homemade badge but just in case you want one on your sidebar ;-) here's how you get a badge on your blog.

I'm assuming you have a badge saved on your computer so if you don't just send me a message and I'll let you know how to do that.

*Log into your blog, and click "Customize" on the very top right of the screen.
*Next click "Add a Gadget" which brings up a little window.
*Scroll down to "Picture" to add a picture and click the "+" (plus button).
*This opens a little window where you can put in a title like "Going Pink", you can add a caption like "For my dear friend", you can create a link so when the badge is clicked on it takes people somewhere like "", and you can add the image of the badge.
*You do this by clicking on the "Browse" button, navigate to where the badge is saved on your computer, click on the badge image, then click open.
*Next click "Save". This closes the little window you've been working in.
*The last step and very important one is to click "Save" on the main "Customize" page.
*Once that's done you can click "View your Blog" to see your banner. :D

Now you can go badge crazy.. I was stamping up a storm when I first learned to do this. :)

Catherine said...

Your banner's great and I love your idea of typing in pink!! Your friend sounds wonderful too!! What an inspiration!

manamoon said...

I just wanted to let you know that I still check your blog all the time and I hope you are doing well.

Wishing you a happy holiday season.♥

All the best ~ Sharon