Wednesday, 1 October 2008

things are moving.....................

an unfinished piece, of st. silver and lampwork beads. the funny thing is, i didnt have suitable silver beads to put inbetween the lampwork ones, so tried it with coiling silver wire and twisting it round the handmade bangle to create a 'spacer'. i quite like it!

they certainly seem to be! while i'm not going to count my chickens as to the certanty of me and kids and dog relocating to somerset, things are definately moving in the right direction. the sale of my house is going through well by all accounts, and the one we're buying is due to have the survey next week (so i'm told!). my nerves are getting the better of me today. stomach churning with some anxiety, which i think is brought on by the fact i'm taking my eldest down there tonight. it'll be the first time i've been back since things are more set in stone, so making the move more real i spose. also gotta check out schools for them both, and with my youngest having special needs and a full statement, am obiously very axious to get it right first time. eldest will be seeing her new home for the first time (was away with friends when i last went down and happened to find a lovely home). planning ahead, i'm gonna take some pictures of the house to make into a 'book' for my youngest when the time comes, to prepare her for the move. this is scarey stuff. its just me. whatever happens, its down to me, and it feels like more then just the weight of the world on my shoulders. i want a better life for the girls and if i dont do it now, probably never will. i dont want to be in my rocking chair in years to come, wondering what could have been if i'd taken the plunge and left london............................................... so here goes!

two more pieces i created this week, inbetween housework, solictors forms and kids clubs! sound familiar?? haha


Anonymous said...

I know how daunting a move like this can be. We were "stuck" in New York City for years and finally took the plunge, I've been thankful ever since and never looked back. Hang in there and believe in your dream. We'll be here with you through the experience.

Gorgeous creations by the way, love the wire wrapped "spacers", just gorgeous!

Soho500 said...

i really like your handmade the silver wire which is twisting around to create will look wonderful after finishing it...well done

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