Friday, 26 September 2008

bats in the, pigeons on the patio

st silver and fine silver wrapped and coiled, with chunky
green howlite nuggets

well today started with a slight drama at breakfast, (whats new). the dog was hankering to get in the garden as he'd obviously seen something. usually its a squirrel, or a cat perched defiantly on the pergola down the back. so i let him out, and he ran round to the french doors which i thought was odd as it looked as though there was nothing there.................... but there was. a pigeon. on further investigation it was apparent that the bird was hurt, as no right minded creature with wings would 'sit it out' when a dog comes sniffing their butt! well, i thought, if its injured and cant fly (bearing in mind i'm talking about a bird that is known to carry disease and having recently evacuated them from my loft, dont have a lot of time for them), then hopefully , the dogs presence will give it a heart attack. but it didnt. and to spare you the longevity of my morning going back and forth to the garden to check on it, i'll come to the conclusion. my neighbour hit it on the head with my shelf. i had to do something. even with my feelings on pigeons, i couldnt see an animal suffer. and after realising that i was more of a wuss then i thought, called upon my neighbour to do the dirty deed. thank you mike. i must admit, i had to walk down the side passage, with my fingers in my ears while going 'la la la... la... la... la... la.. la.. la.. la . i would infact advise those of you who find yourself in this situation, to remove yourself completely from the vicinity, as i could still hear the 'thud' which caused me to squeakily release an expletive, naturally; i am a girl after all!

well, i wasnt gonna take a photo of a battered pigeon so thought i show my 'random' silver jewellery instead! i should point out, their not a set, as sets are definitely not my thing, i just got carried away with freeforming the wire!


manamoon said...

What an absolutely tragic story, the poor creature.

Your wire work is beautiful.

Catherine said...

I love your wire work!

Poor old pigeon! It's a hard thing to do but probably for the best! I couldn't have done it either!