Monday, 22 September 2008

a comissioned ring, using sterling silver and turquoise

blimey! my last post was on friday, and its now monday and i'm writing another. wonders will never cease!! haha lets hope this is a habit (but dont hold your breath, and i'm only good with bad ones!) well, this morning i had a lovely chat with my mechanic. i say mine cos...................... i dunno really, you just do, dont you? he's great anyhow, and hes even gonna take the van for its mot (so that'll spare me the humiliation when it fails!!) one less job for me to worry about.

now, i was gonna put up a pic i've just downloaded, on my blog of the glastonbury extravaganza i took the kids to with friends. fantastic family gig with 'the feeling' and 'kate nash'. had the best time, brilliant atmosphere and such a laugh; even if they did play my favourite song while i was queuing for the toilet, it just meant i had to dance in the toilet que! but it turned out to be a video clip........???? now, even if i was capable of transferring the clip to my blog (obviously i'm not at that level of technical ability) it would be complete pants cos its a clear as mud, and i dont just mean to use that term as a simile (have i got the right word? got the feeling its a different name, but seeing as my english is as pants as the video clip, i'm gonna take it that you get the idea) it WAS the summer of 2008 after all!! oh yeah, and there was no sound. (*note to self about camera: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF 'ORRIBLE 'LIL HERBERTS LIKE MY KIDS!*) so instead, i'm gonna post a pic of my 'orrible 'lil herberts just so you can appreciate what i'm up against. love 'em to bits really xx


Anonymous said...

Hah, great posting! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the concert and that ring is gorgeous! Have considered trying my hand at wire wrapped but just haven't had the time yet. Love your little "herberts" they're adorable!

Catherine said...

Ha ha, that's what my hubby calls my sons - lil' herberts except he drops the h aswell!! (They're not so lil' anymore either!) So, I feel very at home reading your blog! :)

Your jewellery's gorgeous - I love your wire wrapping! It takes ages though doesn't it and infinite amounts of patience!

Thank so much for visiting my blog and I hope it's okay to add you to my list of favs. Have a great weekend!!