Friday, 19 September 2008

moving and shaking..............

managed to make a couple of pieces inbetween the bedlum! really really pleased with them, especially the 'chunky' one. using a technique i havent tried before, but love love love the effect (particularly as i have a thing about things that are funky chunky). it was one of those moments when you've created something you've been meaning to have a go at, somehting new, and it works! then you spend the next two hours going back and admiring it, with muted outbursts of 'wow' even though your the only one in the room!! haha ( thats not just me is it?)
apologies for photo quality. another thing i've yet to master. is it apparent i like the colour aqua marine?


Jewellery Craft said...

Hello Annie

Thank you for your comments, please do link, I'll pop you on mine!

Very nice to meet you by the way!!

Manda x

manamoon said...

Your pieces are gorgeous - fabulous work! The photo quality is great too! I know there's a lot to master when it comes to posting our creations online, took me forever to learn it all.

Found you through Jewellery Craft's blog. All the best ~Sharon