Wednesday, 27 October 2010

love love love half term!

ok, so it has a lot to do with the fact theres no rush in the mornings, AND theres not the 'groundhog day' element to the week........... but i really do love the freedom for me and my kids that the school holidays bring. although i've still had work to do with my jewellery, me and the girls have had 'time together' which we usually manage to make memorable (mostly from having dilemmas or disasters, but hey, they're still memories and we always have a laugh about them;) having said that, today was disaster free as i took my youngest swimming at our local pool. shes been going with her new school this half term, so it was brilliant to see for myself the progress shes made. and WOW has she made progress! it would seem that since i finally cracked it with her earlier in the year and she took her first solo strokes, her confidence has grown immensely; shes blossomed into a real water baby.................................. special olympics here we come! now i need to work on her irregular sleeping pattern and combat the tiredness so i can take her after school during term time. but shes swimming. shes confident, and shes happy :) :)

my chalk and cheese.......... being albino, chalk is particularly apt for my littlest. as for cheese, well shes is just the best big sister a little girl could ever have xx

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Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

the last sentence sas it all, can't beat being happy!