Friday, 26 November 2010

a little contradictory

i'm not a fan of entering shops early november, only to feel bombarded with tinsel, giant ceiling baubles and red shop banners with the words FESTIVE SEASON boldly placed between white snowflakes. humbug? maybe, but early november? come on!

on ..... the other......hand...... i HAVE made some christmas decorations and put them in my shop just so i can give them plenty of coverage. so you see, i'm as bad the shops in the high street! BUT in my defense, i'm not dressed in a home made tinsel hat with reindeer antlers and christmas tree earrings ;) lol

although, if these dont sell soon, i might just be embarrassing my kids with these sparkly decorations hanging from each ear come turkey time:)

while your there............ what do you think of these?

the wall hanging has been popular, but the fridge magnet was inspired by a pendant I'd made several years ago and thought t'would look pretty holding up the many hospital appointments and school notices fighting for space on the poor old fridge. (a calender is not enough in this house ;)


Carrie said...

Gorgeous fridge magnet....I can never have enough of those!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous makes with me xxx

urbanfairy said...

thank you carrie :) would make a pleasant change from numorous camper van ones i get bought!xx
ps. its a good strong magnet too ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, been trying to leave a comment for a while now but for some reason it hasn't been letting me until now. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the msg you left on my blog a while ago :o) I love your snow flake decorations. Hannah x

Loraine Arderne said...

Wow, your decorations are absolutely stunning.